1st September

Today’s Office of Readings features an excerpt of Thomas a’Kempis’ Imitation of Christ. In it Jesus exhorts us to be as generous with him as worldly people are with the things of the world.

Many hear the world more easily than they hear God; they follow the desires of the fleshJesus-jesus-7735247-1280-909 more readily than the pleasure of God. The world promises rewards that are temporal and insignificant, and these are pursued with great longing; I promise rewards that are eternal and unsurpassable, yet the hearts of mortals respond sluggishly.

Who serves and obeys me in all matters with as much care as the world and its princes are served? For men are better prepared for the works of death than you are for the works of life. They take more joy in vanity than you in truth.

Yet they are often deceived in their hope, while my promise deceives no one, and leaves empty-handed no one who confides in me. What I have promised I shall give; what I have said I will fulfil for any man who remains faithful in my love unto the very end. I am the rewarder of all good men, the one who rigorously tests the devoted.

Write my words in your heart and study them diligently, for they will be absolutely necessary in the time of temptation. Whatever you fail to understand in reading my words will become clear to you on the day of your visitation.

I visit my elect in a double fashion: that is, with temptation and with consolation. And I read to them two lessons each day: one to rebuke them for their faults; the other to exhort them to increase their virtue.


EWTN is a wonderful Catholic Satellite TV channel that is available on SKY as well as on the internet. This week’s program is at this link: http://www.ewtn.co.uk/_updates/20140831WeeklyUpdate.pdf

Today Garfield is confused about his current situation!