6th September

I have been feeling in a bit of a quandary about the refugee crisis in Syria and Northernacn Iraq. Given that I believe that Jesus wouldn’t want to use military means to stop Islamic State, I have commended the unfortunate refugees to prayer as well as sending a donation to Aid to the Church in Need, a top class Catholic charity working in the area. (If the situation was reversed, I would pray for the grace of Gospel fidelity to make this position reciprocal.)

If you wanted to make an online donation, it can be done at http://www.acnuk.org/donate2.php. Donation phone numbers for the Ireland and the UK are + 353 (0) 1 837 7516 and + 44 (0)20 8642 8668.

The following is an article from a recent ACN e-newsletter.

Following Aid to the Church in Need’s emergency visit to Erbil after the fall of Qaraqosh, we have pledged more and continuing help for Christian refugees.

The latest letter from Chaldean Patriarch, Louis Sako is painful. He says, “A whole month  [has] passed after the plight of of Iraqi Christians and Yezidis and other minorities …. The curtains have been drawn on the painful events and 120,000 Christians are uprooted from their historical homeland ….and the world is silent, standing still, either because it approves or because it is incapable of acting. What these peaceful Christians and loyal citizens experienced is real genocide, a sad ending and a proof of the privation of the religious, human, moral and national values. Therefore it is a shameful stain in history. Everybody should know [it] is a threat for all!

Patriarch Sako expresses concern that faced with this situation many Iraqis are choosing to find a safe haven in other countries. “Emigration should not be a solution!” he says and asks for our prayers that international support will “ensure a life free and safe for them in their own Iraq”.

This weekend, please keep Iraq in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.


Jon and Garfield don’t appreciate how slight their (first world) problems are!