4th October – Memorial of St Francis of Assisi

I had a very early start this Thursday morning at 4am in order to get to Stansted Airport for an 8:20am flight via public transport. When I arrived in Cork I conveniently had my monthly clinic. The consultant decided to postpone the next monthly session of my thalidomide-based maintenance treatment as my neutrophil count (the while cells the fight infections) was marginally low. She said that this is not unusual. I have also arranged that my future monthly clinics will be held up in Donegal which will spare me the 7 hour drive down to the Cork clinic.

Yesterday I officiated at the marriage of Anne and Neil in Kenmare (say a little prayer for them). Today I’m back in Fethard for the weekend Masses as the PP has taken the time off. I will be leaving the parish after the Monday morning Mass.

Today we celebrate St Francis of Assisi who probably did as much as any other saint in thest-francis1 Church’s history to love God and his neighbour. At his request he died after having been laid naked on the earth. This was an expression of humility (God’s greatness and our littleness) – namely that of our selves we are but just dust and ashes as we are reminded of each Ash Wednesday.

The Benedictus Antiphon for Morning Prayer speaks of the blessedness of a generous and selfless life: FRANCIS, THE DESTITUTE AND LOWLY, ENTERS HEAVEN A RICH MAN, ACCLAIMED BY THE SONGS OF ANGELS.

Garfield isn’t there YET!