20th October

Today’s gospel is the parable of the Rich Fool (Lk 12:13-21) who trusted in his wealth rather than in God.

A man in the crowd said to Jesus, ‘Master, tell my brother to give me a share of our inheritance’. ‘My friend,’ he replied-’who appointed me your judge, or the arbitrator of your claims?’ Then he said to them, ‘Watch, and be on your guard against avarice of any kind, for a man’s life is not made secure by what he owns, even when he has more than he needs’.

Then he told them a parable: ‘There was once a rich man who, having had a good harvest from hismoney1 land, thought to himself, “What am I to do? I have not enough room to store my crops.”Then he said, “This is what I will do: I will pull down my barns and build bigger ones,and store all my grain and my goods in them, and I will say to my soul: My soul, you have plenty of good things laid by for many years to come; take things easy, eat, drink, have a good time”. But God said to him, “Fool! This very night the demand will be made for your soul;  and this hoard of yours, whose will it be then?”. So it is when a man stores up treasure for himself in place of making himself rich in the sight of God.’

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta had the following to say about the matter.

“When we have money, we lose contact with God… What can we do with too much money? Put it in the bank? We must never get into the habit of being preoccupied with the future. There is no reason to be preoccupied with it: God is there. When the desire for money comes, with it comes the desire for the things money can provide: superfluous objects, beautiful rooms, luxurious food on our table, more clothes, admirers, etc. Our needs increase, and because one thing leads to another, the consequence is endless dissatisfaction. God gives riches, and it is our duty to share them with those who are less favoured.”