22nd October

This is a local photo taken recently whilst I was out saying my Rosary.

LMA 011

The following commendation to say the Rosary daily is from the Journey to Our Lady e-newsletter. The Rosary doesn’t have to be said all at the same time. If we are busy we can say a decade whenever we have a chance and perhaps even finish it off either before or after we get into bed(!)

The Rosary is such a sweet and simple prayer, and it is so powerful that it can truly change the world for the better. Why then is it so difficult to set aside 15 minutes a day to pray it?

Perhaps we mistaken the Rosary’s simplicity for insignificance. How can such an easy prayer, which takes only 15 minutes to recite, have any power at all? Or maybe repeating the same prayer over and over again wears thin and becomes something of a chore. Like exercising, we know it is good for us, but after a while we just do not feel like doing it.

I must confess that praying the Rosary is a struggle for me, particularly praying it every single day. Life is busy and prayer is usually the first item that gets put aside to make time for everything else. But as the saying goes: “If the devil does not make us bad, it makes us busy.”

The reasons for not praying the Rosary are not important, however the reason for praying the Rosary is of great importance. Quite simply, Our Blessed Mother asks us to pray it. Why? Because praying the Rosary is an act of love. When we pray it, we are saying “I love you” to Our Lady and to the Holy Trinity. When we pray it, we are giving our love to our world, which desperately needs it.

Time and again, Our Lady has come down from Heaven to ask us to pray the Rosary for the conversion of sinners. She wants to save our world from evil’s grasp and the Rosary will do that so long as we pray it. Better to do as Our Lady asks than to be complicit with the devil and fall into its trap.

That trap is to believe that one person praying the Rosary will not make a bit of difference because everyone needs to pray it to change the world for the better. Instead, let us remember that Our Lady works through individuals and we have seen throughout history that one person can make a difference. So in the spirit of giving, let each one of us give Our Lady 15 minutes a day and truly, there will be Heaven on earth.