7th November

Today in the Office of Readings we have a sermon by St Gregory Nazianzen. The final portion can be read as a Prayer of Self-Commendation.

Lord and Creator of all, and especially of your creature man, you are the God and Fatherjesus children and ruler of your children; you are the Lord of life and death, you are the guardian and benefactor of our souls. You fashion and transform all things in their due season through your creative Word, as you know to be best in your deep wisdom and providence. Receive now those who have gone ahead of us in our journey from this life.

And receive us too at the proper time, when you have guided us in our bodily life as long as may be for our profit. Receive us prepared by fear [reverence] of you, but not troubled, not shrinking back on that day of death or uprooted by force like those who are lovers of the world and the flesh. Instead, may we set out eagerly for that everlasting and blessed life which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Garfield’s love of worldly living is always in need of propping up!