23rd November – Solemnity of Christ the King.

Today’s solemnity marks the end of the liturgical year as next Sunday will be the first week of Advent. Perhaps the following hymn from Morning Prayer can set the scene for what we are celebrating. Try reading it slowly and reflectively.

Christ is King of earth and heaven!Christ King
  Let his subjects all proclaim
In the splendour of his temple
  Honour to his holy name.
Christ is King! No soul created
  Can refuse to bend the knee
To the God made Man who reigneth,
  As ’twas promised, from the tree.
Christ is King! Let humble sorrow
  For our past neglect atone,
For the lack of faithful service
  To the Master whom we own.
Christ is King! Let joy and gladness
  Greet him; let his courts resound
With the praise of faithful subjects
  To his love in honour bound.
Christ is King! In health and sickness,
  Till we breathe our latest breath,
Till we greet in highest heaven
  Christ the victor over death.
Garfield’s aspirations in life are very down-to-earth rather than “heavenly”!