2nd December

In today’s Office of Readings, there is a homily by St Gregory Nazianzen on what God did to bring about our redemption.

He [Jesus, second person of the Blessed Trinity] who makes rich is made poor; he takes onbridge - jesus the poverty of my flesh [humanity], that I may gain the riches of his divinity. He who is full is made empty; he is emptied for a brief space of his glory, that I may share in his fullness. What is this wealth of goodness? What is this mystery that surrounds me? I received the likeness of God [in baptism], but failed to keep it. He takes on my flesh to bring salvation, immortality to humanity. The Son arranged this for the honour of the Father, to whom the Son is clearly obedient in all things.

The Good Shepherd, who lays down his life for the sheep, came in search of the straying sheep to the mountains and hills on which you used to offer sacrifice [pagan worship]. When he found it, he took it on the shoulders that bore the wood of the cross, and led it back to the life of heaven.

Regardless of all this, Garfield’s main preoccupation is the shopping list!