31st December

How time flies! No sooner, it seems, have we celebrated the beginning of one year than we findjesus ourselves perched on the end of another. When we are young time goes slowly; when we are older it moves quickly. The truth is, of course, that time is time and is always the same. Time is a very important concept for the Christian. The great glory and wonder of the Christian revelation is that God, who is beyond time, entered into it, sanctified it, changed it and made it holy. We can cultivate a kind of spirituality or theology of time which can change the way we live.

This spirituality or theology is first and foremost grounded in John’s insight that Jesus is the Eternal Word of the Father. We are given, if you like, a glimpse of what it is like outside of time. John writes in today’s gospel (John 1:1-18), ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God’ (vv. 1-2). The goal and purpose of human time, the time allocated to us on earth, is to return to this beginning, to be with the Word, because the Word is God.

The Church has always understood that through the incarnation, God becoming man, all time is sacred. The liturgical rhythm of the Church reflects this and, in a very real way, part of the vision of Bible Alive has always been to encourage its reader to immerse themselves in the holy movement of the liturgical cycle. Day after day the Church prays the Scriptures; day after day the daily reflections invite us to enter into the mystery of Christ through the Scriptures.

Today we look back but we also look forward. We repent and turn to the Lord for his mercy and forgiveness, and give thanks and praise for the many blessings and graces which he has poured out upon us. Perhaps one of our new resolutions this year could be that 2014 will be a year in which we learn more and more to cherish and treasure the gift of time and learn to sing a new song of praise and thanksgiving to God for pouring his Holy Spirit into our hearts. (Bible Alive)

Lord God, I give you thanks and praise for the gift of time. Teach me to live in your presence daily that I may walk with you, talk with you and have my very being in you.