17th February

Today’s gospel passage is Mk 8:14-21

The disciples had forgotten to take any bread and they had only onehappy2 loaf with them in the boat. Then Jesus gave them this warning, ‘Keep your eyes open; look out for the yeast of the Pharisees and the yeast of Herod.’ 
And they said to one another, ‘It is because we have no bread.’ And Jesus knew it, and he said to them, ‘Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you still not understand, still not realise? Are your minds closed? Have you eyes and do not see, ears and do not hear? Or do you not remember? When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of scraps did you collect?’ They answered, ‘Twelve.’ 
‘And when I broke the seven loaves for the four thousand, how many baskets full of scraps did you collect?’ And they answered, ‘Seven.’ Then he said to them, ‘Do you still not realise?’

TODAY’S POINTERS ON GOD’S WORD (www.jesuit.org.sg)

  • As you read the passage what words, phases or meanings caught your attention?
  • You can feel Jesus’ frustrations at His disciples not understanding His teachings and His miracles.
  • At times, we can be like the disciples, completely overlooking God’s generosity and providence, and instead pick on the small inconveniences and difficulties.
  • Unless we appreciate God’s bounty, how can we give of ourselves to others [and to God]? Are our minds closed? Have we eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear?