29th March – Passion/Palm Sunday

The Glenstal Bible Missal has a useful commentary on Holy Week and Palm/Passion Sunday in Holy-Week-1particular.

The Season of Lent closes with Holy Week. The Liturgy is not afraid of tragedy. It makes us live the hour of Jesus, that Hour at once dark and glorious for which he said he had come. We follow his every footstep, from the triumphant entry into Jerusalem acclaimed by the crowd of his followers, to the loneliness of Golgotha where he is abandoned by almost everyone, even those he himself had chosen and for whom he gives his life. Everything happens quickly and seems to collapse. Yet, even in what seems complete dereliction — ‘Father, why have you deserted me?’ — Jesus, with outstretched arms, attracts and gathers to himself mankind and the universe. All seems lost, all is about to begin.