21st May

To finish my pilgrimage reflections, I was uncomfortable with the military crowds present last weekJesus n Violence in Lourdes and particularly in the shrine. This was accompanied by marching bands and much fanfare. I was uncomfortable with this for the same reason that the photo to the right looks problematic. As Christians we must remember always that Jesus is LORD, the incarnate Son of God and supreme revealer of Divine Truth. In these capacities he preached and died witnessing to a life of love that even extended to a love for enemies. This is a supreme form of honours course Christianity that  we have to strive to as a fundamental part of our loyalty to Jesus.

The frame below from the PASSION OF THE CHRIST includes a quote from Tertullian (*160 +220) who was leading figure of the early Church. It gives us a valuable insight into how the first generations of Christians understood Jesus’ teachings on nonviolence.

Jesus disarms Peter