5th June

Yesterday I spoke about how a true spirit of worship is about “having a profound reverence for God’s holiness, sovereignty and what it is for a creature to come before the Creator of all reality.”

Today’s passage of Job 40 from the Office of Readings tells us about making an absolute jobsurrender of our deepest being to our Creator – a Creator who has revealed himself to us most fully in Christ crucified. Something of this absolute surrender is depicted in the last two words of Jesus on the Cross: MY GOD, MY GOD WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME and FATHER INTO YOUR HANDS I COMMEND MY SPIRIT.

This was the answer Job [who had earlier complained bitterly about his bad fortune] gave to the Lord:
I know that you are all-powerful:
  what you conceive, you can perform.
I am the man who obscured your designs
  with my empty-headed words.
I have been holding forth on matters I cannot understand,
  on marvels beyond me and my knowledge.
I knew you then only by hearsay;
  but now, having seen you with my own eyes,
I retract all I have said,
  and in dust and ashes I repent.