17th July

When people ask me how are things, my usual response is “peaches and cream”! We all knowpp however that life and the world is not always this OK. There are some nasty and big problems out there.

I believe that one of the biggest and nastiest of problems in our world of today is the mass killing of preborn babies by abortion. A recent statistic I came across put this at 2 billion or close to 30% of the world’s present population of 7 billion. It totally eclipses all other mass-killings of human beings in human history and it has only been operational since the 1960s.

The reason why this is a problem for everybody – even those who would have nothing to do with the practice – is that compassion or apathy towards the suffering poor is the criteria given for the Final Judgement: “Whatever you do (or do not do) for the least of these my brethren, you do (or do not do) for me” Matt 25:41ff. We cant really put our heads in the sand and just get on with “The Good Life”, indifferent to what’s happening in the world around us.

The horror of this state-of-affairs has recently been highlighted in an expose concerning Planned Parenthood, probably the biggest promoter and practitioner of abortion in the world. In a sting, one of their directors casually talks about the trafficking of body parts of aborted babies.

This is a link to a FOX NEWS video clip on the matter.


This is a commentary by PREMIER, a UK based Christian Media channel.

A Christian pro-life activist has called a video appearing to show an executive of a US abortion provider discuss the sale of organs from an aborted foetus “truly horrific” and “morally barbaric”.

Peter Williams, from Right to Life UK, responded to a video seemingly showing Dr Deborah Nucatola from Planned Parenthood talk about the sale of hearts, livers and lungs from aborted foetuses whilst eating a salad and drinking wine.

Planned Parenthood has denied allegations that it’s harvesting and trafficking aborted foetuses’ organs.

The video was secretly shot by actors from the Centre for Medical Progress, who call themselves “a group of citizen journalists dedicated to monitoring and reporting on medical ethics and advances.”

He told Premier’s News Hour: “What this shows essentially is this woman saying – admitting – that they can traffic in foetal organs. That’s horrific, that’s truly horrific. That someone would be – between bites of salad – talking about taking a baby’s liver, heart, lungs, crushing the baby’s body in the right place so these organs can be harvested. It’s truly horrific.

“They are enabling the traffic of foetal organs, which by the way is illegal in the United States, through exactly what they’re doing – they destroy unborn human beings… So to call themselves a healthcare organisation is fairly laughable.

Responding to Planned Parenthood’s statement, that mothers have consented to their tissue being donated for medical research, he said: “Well to quote Romans 3:8, we can’t do an evil thing that a good thing might come of it.

“If you’re talking about the trafficking of human organs that can then be used to help people… what we’re essentially saying is that we can do an evil thing, the destruction of human beings and commodifying them… That’s morally barbaric. That’s something we can’t possibly agree with.”