30th July

I was once watching a documentary on the Holocaust and was bemused by what an American auschwitz-concentrationcommander did when he entered a camp and saw the horrors inside. He rounded up the local villagers at gun-point and paraded them through the site so they could see what had happened during their “watch.”

Today’s gospel of the Parable of the Dragnet (Matt 13:47-53) deals with the Second Coming of Jesus and the Final Judgement. I feel that if Jesus was to return in our time, he would insist on us taking a tour of the abortion facilities around where we live and witness the horrors of what went on there as we had gone about our quiet and peaceful lives. Unlike the American commander he wouldn’t use any guns – what we know of Judgement is that it is the manifestation of the moral Truth of our lives.

What is more, we would have far less excuses for not getting involved than the villagers near the Nazi concentration camps. If they had raised any protest, they would have been brought in themselves. All that involvement requires of us is to give up some free time and perhaps endure some slight ridicule from family and friends.

One dimension of the horrors we would witness inside the abortion industry is depicted in another grim and graphic video released by a group of American investigative journalists. It deals with the harvesting of body parts of aborted babies for “research”. It has definite echos of Dr Josef Mengele’s “research” on concentration camp internees. I watched the video on Tuesday and I was upset for the rest of the day. See if you can promote it. I have generated a shortened link to the youtube video.