23rd August – 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Today saw the end of John 6 (v60-69) and Jesus’ teaching on the Eucharist. A part of my homily Pope Benedict XVI gives the communion to a nun during a solemn mass in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vaticanwas devoted on worthy reception of Holy Communion. With reference to the second reading about how marriage makes husband and wife one, I said that the Eucharist allows us to become one with Jesus: He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood lives in me and I in him. If an unfaithful/adulterous spouse was to repeatedly engage in the marriage act with the other party, it would increase the initial betrayal. Grave/mortal sin is the equivalent of adulterous infidelity in our relationship with Jesus. When we receive Holy Communion in this state it is called sacrilege. St Paul in 1 Cor 11 says that unworthy Holy Communion is to eat and drink our own condemnation.

Sins commonly accepted today that we must be aware of is: missing Mass on Sundays or Holy Days without a serious reason, not having time for daily prayer, ‘living’ with somebody outside of a valid Christian marriage.

A Bible Alive commentary for today is as follows.