28th September

Worked out today how to send updates from my phone! Consultant confirmed this morning that the multiple myeloma cancer is back. Full analysis of last Friday bone marrow biopsy was enough to do this. Good news however is that there is no substantial damage to spinal column like last time. We are working on transferring my future care to Cork so to be closer to my family and where all my initial treatment was received. It looks at this point as if I will receive a new cycle of chemotherapy followed by a another bone marrow transplant. I feel fine apart from a little discomfort in my chest and shoulders where the cancer is likely to be active to some degree. Doctors, nurses and the hospital in general are wonderful.
God bless. Fr Morty 😀😀😀
Reflection from the Brievary.
Come, Holy Spirit, live in us
With God the Father and the Son,
And grant us your abundant grace
To sanctify and make us one.
May mind and tongue made strong in love
Your praise throughout the world proclaim,
And may that love within our hearts
Set fire to others with its flame.
Most blessèd Trinity of love,
For whom the heart of man was made,
To you be praise in timeless song,
And everlasting homage paid.
Stanbrook Abbey Hymnal