8th October

Looking forward to going home tomorrow. Went out for an extended walk this PM after lunch. Ireland v Germany coming up soon.


The motto of St Ignatius of Loyola was ‘For the greater glory of God’. St Maximilian Kolbe seemed to trump it ‘For the greatest glory of God’! Either way this excerpt from today’s Brievary (1 Peter 4:10-11) is apt:

Each one of you has received a special grace, so, like good stewards responsible for all these different graces of God, put yourselves at the service of others. If you are a speaker, speak in words which seem to come from God; if you are a helper, help as though every action was done at God’s orders; so that in everything God may receive the glory, through Jesus Christ, since to him alone belong all glory and power for ever and ever. Amen.

7th October – Our Lady of the Rosary

Consultant came in this morning. She had been in touch earlier with the consultant who will oversee my bone marrow transplant. He is now thinking that the current chemo program should extend to the end of January 2016 rather than December 2015. This will put my current cancer into a deeper remission. Assuming that there will be a rest period in between, it is likely that the transplant may not be taking place til around March 2016. He is also of the mind to use a new maintenance drug after the transplant so that it will last longer than the 2 years I got this time.


I met recently a professor that I had at the seminary. We spoke about what had happened in the intervening years and about ministry in an increasingly secular society. The aim for him is to get people to have a personal encounter with Jesus. Yes, I said, that is as desirable as motherhood and apple pie but how can people come to desire this personal encounter with Jesus? For me, what is first needed is the inner light of the Holy Spirit that attracts us to this. This inner light comes from an initial stepping forward in faith towards Jesus, trusting in this goodness and love for us. Whilst on the Cross, Jesus gave us Mary as our spiritual mother to help us in this initial way towards him. One of St John Paul’s insight into Rosary was that the mysteries were Mary’s privileged memories of Jesus’ life that she shares with us when we pray it.

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