25th October – 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

In today’s gospel (Mark 10:46-52), Jesus restores sight to the blind beggar Bartimaeus. At one bartimaeuslevel, it is a miracle that allows Bartimaeus to see again and shows that Jesus possesses divine power. At a deeper spiritual level, it is about Bartimaeus receiving a new spiritual vision by which he believes in Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

This gospel invites us to see ourselves as blind beggars like Bartimaeus. We too need to grow in spiritual insight and conversion so that our belief in Jesus as Lord and Saviour deepens every day of our life. As our spiritual insight and conversion grows, our friendship with Jesus will blossom as will our commitment to live by his gospel.

As our spiritual blindness is cured, we will see that we too are ‘beggars’ like Bartimaeus. We will see that everything good about us and our lives is an unmerited gift that we have received from God’s providential goodness. No longer will we take pride in ourselves as self-made men and women without acknowledging the source of all we have and are.