30th October

I drove myself up and down to Cork today for the second chemo clinic of the week. Before our 5pm supper I said to Maureen that my appetite wasn’t up to normal and I would have just toast and marmalade instead. When I saw the scrumptious scalloped potatoes that was on the menu, I quickly forgot about the toast and finished off a generous serving of the potatoes. Mind over matter?

Yesterday I mentioned about trusting in Jesus regarding all the challenges of life. The biggest life challenge of course is our own mortality. As Christians we can look this in the eye and celebrate our hope of being included Jesus’ Resurrection with the Solemnity of All Saints coming up on Sunday. Then on Monday we will pray for the Holy Souls who are on the way to this same destination. ‘Halloween’ which attempts a rather morbid, commercialised and secularised celebration of the eve of All Saints is a far less inspiring event!

The hope that we have in Jesus is beautifully summed up in the Brievary’s intercessions this evening.

Christ comforted the widow who had lost her only son: let us pray to him, who will come at the last to wipe away every tear from our eyes.

Come, Lord Jesus.

Jesus raises the widow of Nain's son Luke 7:14-15