2nd December

In today’s gospel Jesus cures the sick and feeds the hungry crowd by multiplying the loaves and fishes. At one level this shows God’s special concern for the marginalised and impoverished.

This is also the special concern of Pope Francis has no problems with african povertystirring our consciences regarding the disparity of wealth between the first and developing worlds. Here is what he said yesterday in the plane whilst returning from Africa.

“I understand that 80 per cent of the world’s wealth is in the hands of 17 per cent of the population… It is an economic system in which money, the god of money, is at the centre. … And if things continue in this way, the world will not change. … In Kangemi, where I spoke clearly about rights, I felt great suffering. … Yesterday, for example, I visited a paediatric hospital, the only one in Bangui and in the country! And in intensive care they do not have the instruments to provide oxygen. There were many malnourished children, many. And the doctor told me, ‘Here the majority will die, as they have malaria and they are malnourished. … And those people who hold 80 per cent of the world’s wealth – what do they think of this?”