19th December

I have a long-standing admiration and affection for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The reasons include: his monumental intellect, his personal humility, his sense of being a loyal servant of the Church (his picked the name Benedict, modelling himself on Pope Benedict XV), his large contribution – intellectual and personal – to the pontificate of St John Paul II, his enormous literary output – not least his Jesus of Nazareth books, his love and concern for the Liturgy.

Today in my meditation I was reflecting on his thoughts about Our Lady and virgin-mary-mosaic-hagia-sophia-6796110her being a servant of the Word of God: “Mary treasured all these things in her heart” (Lk 2.51)

“The Evangelist Luke describes [Mary] as the silent Virgin who listens constantly to the eternal Word, who lives in the Word of God. Mary treasures in her heart the words that came from God and, piercing them together as in a mosaic, learns to understand them. Let us too in her school, learn to become attentive and docile disciples of the Lord.” Homily 1.1.06

In the bolded sentence, the Holy Father says that Mary didn’t get the big picture in one great moment of illumination. Rather, each word, each event in her everyday life, was seen by her as a revelation of God’s truth. She put these individual ‘words’ together as little tiles that eventually formed a larger mosaic indicating God’s providential plan for her life. The same can become true in our lives if we are attentive to the enduring presence of God in our lives and his desire to reveal himself subtly to us in every day events.