24th January – Third Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Today I travelled by bus up to Galway where I met my general superior Fr Peter Marsalek from Corpus Christi, Texas who is visiting at present. After a meal and catching up, I was picked up for an over night stay by a couple whose marriage I officiated at some 2 years ago. I will be clocking into the university hospital tomorrow morning at 8am.

This is the reflection of the http://www.jesuit.org.sg website on today’s gospel. Ponder it prayerfully.Jesus-reads-in-public

God in our Life: In today’s Gospel, Jesus proclaims, “The Spirit is on me . . . to bring the Good News.”  God enters our lives to sanctify them.  He engages us and becomes part of our daily experiences.  He empowers us to live in virtue.  How open and willing are we to allow God into our lives?