27th January

Today I had the second half of the transplant procedure. The stem cells that were harvested back in August 2013 for future use (and stored in the hospital freezer at minus 180C) were put back into my blood. Over a period of 7 to 10 days this will begin to repopulate the bone marrow that was destroyed by yesterday’s chemotherapy. The new bone marrow will be a lot purer & free from cancer than previously. I had only one fit of sickness today which is much less that the transplant procedure I had back in Sept 2013.

The following meditation is from a premierchristianmedia bulletin.

Listening is always the point of entry into the walk of faith. We listen to God in our listentogodpersonal, private space and throughout the world around us. Listen that we might discern the mystery of each moment. Listen that we might make a conscious decision to choose mystery over rationalism [which limits our view of the world to mere reason], Christ over scepticism, hope over despair.

QUESTION: How hard do you find it to really listen; to other people or to God?

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, still all other voices but yours, still my heart and mind, so I may know yours.