28th January – St Thomas Aquinas

Today I felt sick for most of the time so I didn’t have much of an appetite. This will be the usual state of affairs for the next few weeks. I will be meeting the dietician soon and be started on intra-venous nutrition before there is significant weight loss.

Pope Francis was recently telling pilgrims that they should find out and celebrate the daybaptism of their baptism. This is a far more important date than our birthday when we changed address for the first time. Baptism is about being born again, leaving one world “the world” and entering another world “the Kingdom of God”. Like what happened at Jesus’ baptism at the Jordan, God the Father claims us as sons and daughters in the Son: You are my son/daughter with whom I am well pleased.

The reason why I mention this is that today is the feast of my baptism!!!

Pope Francis invited all present (on Jan 11th) to seek out the date of their own Baptism. “It is very important to know, because it is a date to celebrate: it is the date of our rebirth as children of God. So, this week’s homework is to find out the date of your baptism. Celebrating that day means reaffirming our attachment to Jesus, with the commitment to live as Christians, members of the Church and new humanity, in which we are all brothers”.

Francis explained that “the Holy Spirit, received for the first time on the day of our Baptism, opens our hearts to the truth, the whole truth. The Spirit guides our life along a demanding path, but one joyous in charity and solidarity toward our brothers. The Spirit gives us the tenderness of God’s forgiveness and pervades us with the invincible strength of the Father’s mercy. Let us not forget that the Holy Spirit is a living and life-giving presence in those who welcome Him, that prays with us and fills us with spiritual joy”.