30th January

Today I had a visit from my mother’s people in west Co Clare. The doctor visited too and prescribed a fusion pump to deliver a continuous dose of anti-sickness medicine. The phosphorus in my blood count was a bit low so I’m on an IV drip for that. Got a good night sleep last night given that I have my own room now.

Given that today is a ferial Saturday in Ordinary Time, we remember Our Lady in the our lady queen of peaceDivine Office. Prayerfully ponder the intercessions from Morning Prayer.

From all eternity God chose Mary to be Mother of Christ. Therefore she is above all other creatures both in heaven and on earth. With her we proclaim:

My soul glorifies the Lord.

Father, your Son Jesus gave his mother to the Church, a perfect example of faith:

may we accept your word in faith, as she did.

My soul glorifies the Lord.

Mary listened to your voice, and brought your Word into the world:

by answering your call, may we too bring your Son to men.

My soul glorifies the Lord.

You strengthened Mary to stand at the foot of the cross and filled her with joy at the resurrection:

by her intercession lighten our sorrow and reinforce our hope.

My soul glorifies the Lord.