24th February

From childhood experiences of looking after sheep, I know that predators such as grey pro-liferooks, foxes and badgers will always attack first the weakest members of the flock: newborn lambs that have yet to stand up, twins, etc. Likewise the predatory instincts of the pro-choice movement who are currently campaigning to legalise abortion in Ireland have set their sights on unborn babies with life-limiting illnesses. Forget about Mother Teresa’s admonition that the true measure of a society is how it looks after its weakest and most vulnerable members! If one has an ounce of Christianity within, the very least that these little babies deserve is a birthday and a baptismal day. One end of the spectrum of unborn babies with life limiting illnesses is the individuals with Down Syndrome. Currently over 90% of these are ‘terminated’ before birth in the UK.

prollife 001The French president Charles De Gaulle had a daughter who died at 20 with Down Syndrome. At the grave side he said: “Now she is like any other.” Speaking in more general terms about her effect in his life, he said: “She is a source of grace in my life. She helps me to remain within the modest confines of the limits and impotencies of human life. She keeps me in the safety of obedience to the sovereign will of God. She helps me to believe in the eternal meaning and purpose of our lives, in that Father’s house where my daughter Anne will at last attain her true self and her true happiness.”