11th April

I had a routine monthly clinic today to get a bone strengthening medicine that helps to undo the damage done by the cancer to date. My blood results were fine. I was assigned a new nurse who had to ask me a standard list of questions about how I was feeling, etc. One of the standard questions is about my hearing. My answer was: WHAT DID YOU SAY THERE!!! She took it in a light hearted way! The consultant said I would be having a range of tests in about 3 week’s time to determine the effectiveness of the bone marrow transplant. This would include a bone marrow biopsy which is the most direct test to see the level of cancer activity in my system.

One of the best descriptions for the reality in which we live is to see it as a battle of the jesusTemptationkingdoms of light and darkness – the kingdom of Jesus that seeks to win us for heaven and the kingdom of satan that seeks to win us for hell and eternal separation from God. This is the subject of a letter of St Cyprian in today’s Office of Readings. The Battle of the kingdoms is a useful image to keep in mind especially in times of trial and temptation.

As we do battle and fight in the contest of faith, God, his angels and Christ himself watch us. How exalted is the glory, how great the joy of engaging in a contest with God presiding, of receiving a crown with Christ as judge.

Dear brethren, let us arm ourselves with all our might, let us prepare ourselves for the struggle with uncorrupted minds, with a whole faith, and with devoted courage.

The blessed Apostle [St Paul] teaches us how to arm and prepare ourselves: Put round you the belt of truth; put on the breastplate of righteousness; for shoes wear zeal for the Gospel of peace; take up the shield of faith to extinguish all the burning arrows of the evil one; take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God.[Ephesians 6]

Let us take this armour and defend ourselves with these spiritual defences from heaven, so that when the evil day comes we may be able to resist the threats of the devil, and fight back against him.

Let us put on the breastplate of righteousness so that our breasts may be protected and kept safe from the arrows of the enemy. Let our feet be shod in the teaching of the Gospel, and armoured so that when we begin to trample on the serpent and crush it, it will not be able to bite us or trip us up.

Let us with fortitude bear the shield of faith to protect us by extinguishing all the burning arrows that the enemy may launch against us.

Let us wear on our head the helmet of the spirit, to defend our ears against the proclamations of death, to defend our eyes against the sight of accursed idols, to defend our foreheads so that God’s sign may be kept intact, and to defend our mouths so that our tongues may proclaim victoriously the name of Christ their Lord.

And let us arm our right hand with the sword of the spirit so that it may courageously refuse the daily [pagan] sacrifices, and, remembering the Eucharist, let the hand that took hold of the body of the Lord embrace the Lord himself, and so gain from the Lord the future prize of a heavenly crown.

Dear brethren, have all this firmly fixed in your hearts. If the day of persecution finds us thinking on these things and meditating upon them, the soldier of Christ, trained by Christ’s commands and instructions, will not tremble at the thought of battle, but will be ready to receive the crown of victory.