1st May – Sixth Sunday of Easter (C)

In today’s gospel Jesus invites us to trust in his abiding presence in our lives.peace

Peace I bequeath to you,
my own peace I give you,
a peace the world cannot give,
this is my gift to you.
Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid

Here is a related reflection from Premier Christian Media by Dr Micha Jazz.

Almost all of us have expectations of God. The greatest one is that our surrender to God is rewarded with forgiveness of sins and an eternity with Him. However, the substance of that expectation will only be tested at our death. Life continues toward that point and every day we all face challenges. Where is God within those days and what assistance might we expect with our daily challenges?

Our worship is an expression of trust in God. We worship in response to a love that is sensed, if not seen. Yet, what expression of love can in fact ever be seen? I love my wife, yet the essence of that love is indicated through my words and practical care. Yet, even then, familiarity and misunderstanding can create mistrust and difficult conversations.

When I expressed my love for Katey, it was with all integrity. Yet there were snapshots which, if taken as standalone moments, might have depicted a very different story. When angry I said things I didn’t mean and moved myself some distance emotionally and often physically from Katey. We found the means to reconnect, apologize and even sometimes reflect upon how we reached such a state.

Trust boiled down to believing completely that Katey’s declaration of love and commitment to me was authentic and might withstand my best efforts to squander it. It also meant continuing in my response to that love even when angry, frustrated or ashamed.

QUESTION: What does trust mean to you? Trust requires that you give your heart away to God completely.

PRAYER: Sovereign Father, Jesus trusted you even to death on a cross – trusted you not to leave Him in complete helplessness. Help me to trust you with my life, even as Christ trusted you with His.