3rd May – Feast of Ss Philip & James, Apostles

This evening I got the results of the X-Rays and MRI scan taken last week. They show that my bones are even better than they were last October when the cancer came out of remission. This recovery is possibly due to the monthly bone strengthening medicine I’m on, and overall, it is good news. I was told that the results of the bone marrow biopsy should be known by Friday.

Today is the feast of Saints Philip and James (the Lesser, not James the Greater  brother of Philip_JamesJohn the Evangelist), apostles. I have a special devotion to Saints Andrew and Philip because they are my baptismal and confirmation names respectively and I ask them both to accompany me each time I celebrate Holy Mass. Do you ever seek the intercession of your baptismal and confirmation patron saints?

The word ‘apostle’ means ‘sent’. The intercessions for Evening Prayer as well as being prayers that we can offer in their own right are statements about how we can be present-day apostles and help grow the Kingdom of God. Read them slowly and prayerfully.

Since we are part of a building that has the apostles for its foundation, let us pray to the Father for his holy people.

Lord, remember your Church.

Father, when your Son rose from the dead, you showed him first to the apostles;

let us make him known, near and far.

Lord, remember your Church.

You sent your Son into the world to proclaim the good news to the poor:

grant that we may bring his gospel into the darkness of men’s lives.

Lord, remember your Church.

You sent your Son to plant in men’s hearts the seed of imperishable life;

may we labour to sow his word and reap a harvest of joy.

Lord, remember your Church.

You sent your Son to reconcile the world with yourself by the shedding of his blood;

let us become his fellow workers in restoring men to your friendship.

Lord, remember your Church.

You placed your Son at your own right hand in heaven;

receive the dead into the happiness of your kingdom.

Lord, remember your Church.