21st May

If Fridays are for commemorating Good Friday, then traditionally Saturdays are for commemorating Our Lady’s waiting for the fulfilment of God’s promises in the Resurrection. Here is a related reflection from Premier Christian Media and Dr Micha Jazz.

jesus 9

“And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.” Eph 3:18

St Paul calls upon us to ‘comprehend’ the fullness of God. How might that be accomplished? I remember our journey with MS. Roles were fluid, nothing appeared stable for more than a few weeks. The trauma as Katey realised she’d have to leave her teacher’s vocation due to declining health, her fatigue robbing her of adventures we’d long planned together, etc. This was a fast-changing world and we felt decidedly seasick aboard a ship driven by a ferocious wind in a storm beyond our control.

How were we to comprehend the fullness of God? In reality I was trying all too hard to understand God; my finite mind seeking to fathom the infinite God. However, slowly I discovered that ‘comprehend’ simply meant to grasp – that is, grab it and hang onto it. I recalled a boating incident at Oxford which dunked me in the river. I sensed a dangling branch and grabbed at it. Sufficient to bear my weight, I safely made my way to shore safe if a little embarrassed. The branch I saw and clung to was in fact the limb of an expansive waterside aspen. I had not known the scale of what I’d grasped, just instinctively did what I needed to do.

So with God; stability and security may be collapsing beneath you, yet in that instant grasp whatever you can of God. It may only be the smallest fragment of God’s infinitude, yet that fragment is in fact part of the totality of God and as trustworthy in its way as the fullness itself. Only as I scrambled back to the bank was I able to see how large the aspen, my saviour, was. With God, take hold of what you know, for it is forever joined to that which you may well not have yet discovered. The fullness and consistency of God is unfathomable yet totally trustworthy.

QUESTION: Are you trying too hard to understand God when you really need to be holding on to Him?

PRAYER: Lord, you are my refuge and I rest in your everlasting arms.