29th May – Corpus Christi Sunday (C)

Today is Corpus Christi when we celebrate the institution of the Holy Eucharist and the corpo-de-cristo1self-giving of Christ that takes place when we receive Holy Communion. Today was also the occasion when the children of the parish received their first Holy Communion.

In my homily I spoke about having lived in Kerry for the past few months since getting sick. A nickname for Kerry is the Kingdom and I drew parallels between journeying to the Kingdom of Kerry and the Kingdom of Heaven.

The first thing we would need for a journey to the kingdom of Kerry is food. Similarly for the spiritual journey we would need spiritual food to keep us strong. The gospel of Jesus feeding the 5000 in the wilderness points us to the spiritual feeding of the Eucharist which would happen later on in the Last Supper. When we attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days the Last Supper is repeated and we are fed with Jesus’ Body and Blood as were the apostles on that night.

The second thing we would need for a journey to the kingdom of Kerry would be a memory of where we are going. Without a memory of where we were going we would stop somewhere along the way and not reach the destination. How do we keep our memory of being on a journey to the Kingdom of Heaven? Well, this memory is refreshed every Sunday at the time of the consecration when we hear Jesus’ words being pronounced again: THIS IS MY BODY GIVEN FOR YOU. THIS IS THE CUP OF MY BLOOD POURED OUT FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS. DO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME. We remember that Jesus died for our sins and has made it possible for us to get to heaven.

The third thing we need is a way of correcting mistakes, when we take a wrong turn on our way and get lost. For our spiritual journey we have Confession for correcting our mistakes and getting back on the right track.

The fourth thing we need is a good map so that we don’t make mistakes in the first place. For our spiritual journey we have the Bible and the truth of God’s Word such as the Ten Commandments. The word ‘Bible’ spells out Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.