5th June – Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

The following is a reflection on today’s second reading from Premier Christian Media and Dr Micha Jazz.

“I received my message from no human source, and no one taught me. Instead, I received it by direct revelation from Jesus Christ.” Gal 1:12

In the many twists and turns marking my Christian journey, I’ve never lost sight of the reality of my first real encounter with God. No matter how hard I’ve tried to ditch God, the level of anger I’ve generated towards him or the depths of hopelessness into which I have sunk, I cannot get beyond that first meeting in St Aldate’s more than 40 years ago. Suffice to say I was not sure who God was back then, only that I had certainly encountered something, or indeed someone, real and intriguing.

As I continued in my Christian walk, more especially in these latter years when pursuing the way of the contemplative, faint remembrances return of what was then an unfamiliar voice demanding my attention. For example, as a teenager I daily walked past a churchyard with a crucifix in the grounds and I beat myself up for sensing that the crucified Christ was attempting to talk to me. Now I choose to accept that these were God’s early attempts to break through my material shield and seek an introduction.

The purpose for all this is to say that while I responded aged 19 to a human voice preaching and issuing an invitation to discover more about the Jesus he’d been describing, the meeting was in fact far more real than that and I had a revelation of the reality of God, without ever realising what that was. When facing times of trouble I could never push that reality away without first denying its actuality, something in all conscience I couldn’t do, for then I’d have been denying my very self. It would mean choosing to believe a deliberate lie, one told by myself to myself.

Such a presence has only taken greater shape over the years as I’ve taken time to pursue this revelation of God, a pursuit that owes more than I know to that initial threshold I chose to cross all those years ago.

QUESTION: Is your knowledge of God rooted in the rhythms of the Christian life and the writings of the scriptures?

PRAYER: Lord of All, open my eyes to see, my ears to hear and my heart to trust you today.