18th August

This is an article from the online newsletter JOURNEY TO OUR LADY. Jesus - Bridge

We live in unsettled and often frightening times. The turbulence and the fog of uncertainty make it difficult to stay on God’s course and hold onto what is good and true.

Try as we do to send our prayers to God, when life gets bad it is easy to think our prayers are disappearing into thin air. That is the devil at work. The devil wants us to believe God is nowhere to be found; that God is not listening to our pleas for help.

The fact is God is listening and He does answer our prayers. What we have to ask ourselves is: Are we listening to God? We may think we are listening, but do we truly abide by God’s will?

If every person followed God’s will when He wills it and as He wills it, we would have a peaceful world. But there are those who choose not to do God’s bidding. When man thinks he knows better than God, that is when trouble takes hold; and that is how the devil tries to pull us from God’s loving embrace. Mary can help us. Mary stood firm with God even at the foot of her Son’s cross. Her heart was open; her life was centred in prayer. Mary accepted God’s will even when she did not understand. As a result, Mary knew God would not abandon her and that God’s way leads to salvation. Therefore, let us embrace God’s will and stay on the course to Heaven that God has laid out for us through His Son Jesus Christ with Mary as our guide. Let us continue our Journey.