18th September – 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)

Today’s gospel says that we cannot serve both God and money. Why should we put God listentogodfirst? The following reflection from Premier Christian Media and Dr Micha Jazz addresses the question.

Walking to the Premier studios in central London, I cross Vauxhall Bridge. This spans the impressive River Thames, a tidal river flowing through the nation’s capital, so powerful that a barrier was constructed to manage London’s flood risk. Travel 215 miles upstream to Gloucestershire, and you will find a miniscule stream which gives birth to this river which grows so large by the time it flows through London.

Were I to consider the Thames at its source, I would doubt its ability to support me for more than a few hours with water, let alone support fish, a major transport network and recreational space. So it is with God. While we may accept God as our source, we need to discover how to journey across many miles and uncover the increasing resource he offers to sustain all of our life – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. I am not suggesting that God is miniscule; however, our comprehension and experience of God might be.

This is the walk of faith that emerges from small beginnings. So many of us find that the debris of life soon threatens to silt up our river’s flow and we are left high and dry. We can feel abandoned by God, yet we are invited to let go of all that exercises control, distracts our attention and to focus upon the One who gives us life.

Reflecting upon one’s life as a river, it is easy to identify the times when the river that carries us downstream becomes obstructed or disappears underground, doubles back upon itself or slows to a snail’s pace. As we honestly consider such moments, we’re able to question what held our gaze and where we invested our confidence: we were distracted from the source of our life and the One who offers us total sufficiency.

QUESTION: Take time to consider the greatness of God who is the source of all life.

PRAYER: Lord, you are the Beginning and the End of all life, and you hold us in your hand.