29th September – Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

Today is the feast of the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Michael because of his


Angelic Realm present at Holy Mass. http://www.radiantlight.org.uk

humility was the spiritual warrior who fought with the proud Satan; Gabriel was the messenger of the coming to St John the Baptist and Jesus; Raphael is known for his healing ministry.

The following hymn from Morning Prayer tries to capture the glory of the angelic realm. Read it slowly and prayerfully.

Angels of God, you see the Father’s face,
Sharing his splendour, clothed in fire and flame,
Worshipping him, the terrible and the great,
Singing forever: Holy is his name.

Angels, you sang when Christ came down to earth,
Gave him your comfort in the hour of dread,
Solaced his spirit, anguished and alone,
Shouted his triumph, risen from the dead.

Angels, archangels, when he comes again,
Compassed in glory, fearful in his might,
Open for him the King’s eternal gates,
Then he will lead his faithful into light.

When to the Father, Son and Spirit blessed,
Angels and men united worship bring,
From all creation, from the world unseen,
Up to the Godhead, perfect praise will spring.