2nd November – All Souls Day

Today I had a routine clinic in Letterkenny. All is fine. Tomorrow I will travel to Kerry to see my family for a few days.

Today we commemorate All Souls Day – that domain of the Church, the Body of Christpurgatory-scene which has received salvation but is still undergoing the Final Purification before reaching the heaven. The purification of Purgatory is given a poetic expression in the hymn of Morning Prayer from the Divine Office. Try to read it slowly and reflectively.

Remember those O Lord / Who in your peace have died, / Yet may not gain love’s high reward / Till love is purified.

With you they faced death’s night / Sealed with your victory sign. / Soon may the splendour of your light / On them for ever shine.

Sweet is their pain, yet deep / Till perfect love is born; / Their lone night-watch they gladly keep / Before your radiant morn.

Your love is their great joy; / Your  will their one desire; / As finest gold without alloy / Refine them in love’s fire.

For them we humbly pray: / Perfect them in your love. / O may we share eternal day / With them in heaven above.