1st December.

A great tragedy has befallen our parish. A young mother of 6 children died in tragic circumstances yesterday. Words fail to describe the grief of the immediate family. Maybe you could pray a Rosary for the repose of Jackie’s soul and consolation for her husband, 6 children, parents and extended family.

The intercessions from Morning Prayer offer some useful points of meditation.

Let the heavens open, and the skies rain down the just one; let the earth bring forth Christ, who is the wisdom and power of God.

Be near us, Lord, today.
Lord Jesus Christ, you have called us into your kingdom:
  may we enter in, and live according to your call.
Be near us, Lord, today.
The world does not know you:
  show yourself, in our midst, to all our brothers.
Be near us, Lord, today.
We thank you, Lord, for all that we have:
  move us to give of our plenty to those who have little.
Be near us, Lord, today.
We look for your coming, Lord Jesus:
  when you knock, may we be found watching in prayer and rejoicing in praise.
Be near us, Lord, today.