9th January – First Week in Ordinary Time

In my few words at the start of Mass today I stated that we were now back in Ordinary Time (week 1) with green vestments. The intercessions for Morning Prayer are worth pondering as we start out on another liturgical year. I comment on what the prayers have to say with footnotes.

As the new day begins let us praise Christ, in whom is the fulness of grace and the Spirit ofprayer a God.
Lord, give us your Spirit.
We praise you, Lord,
  and we thank you for all your blessings (a).
Lord, give us your Spirit.
Give us peace of mind and generosity of heart;
  grant us health and strength to do your will (b).
Lord, give us your Spirit.
May your love be with us during the day;
  guide us in our work (c).
Lord, give us your Spirit.
Be with all those who have asked our prayers,
  and grant them all their needs (d).
Lord, give us your Spirit.


(a)How important it is to have an attitude of gratitude! As we say at Mass: It is right that we give you thanks and praise.

(b)This prayer says that peace of mind is HEALTH  to do God’s will. This means that we have to sometimes be disciplined enough to kick out of our minds negative thinking. This prayer also says that generosity of heart is STRENGTH to do God’s will. Sometimes we have to make resolutions to move out of our comfort zone.

(c)Love is the principle that directs us in our discernment of what’s best in a given situation. As St John of the Cross said: At the end of our day we will be judged according to love.

(d)We promise prayers to people and can then so easily forget our promises. This type of prayer will at least fulfil our minimum commitment.