11th January

Yesterday I spoke about the death of our SOLT member Sr Mary of the Trinity. Funeralsr-t arrangements are not yet concluded.  This is what I wrote about her on Dec 23rd:

During my 7 years in Wales I was privileged to serve with a remarkable religious Sr Mary of the Trinity. As a teenager she lost her Anglican Christian faith and worked hard to get her peers to abandon their faith as well. She then drifted into hippy-dom with all that represented. Finding herself lost in the darkness, the reading of JOHN chapter 1 was instrumental in regaining her Christian faith. She converted to the Catholic Church and became a religious. She spend some 20 years in the Philippine missions and then a term as General Sister Servant before returning to England to help with its re-evangelisation. This was one of the burning passions of her life. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2008 and has struggled bravely ever since, never sparing herself when it came to pastoral work, street & door-to-door evangelisation, etc.

When you listen to her faith story, you have to say “There must be a God!” There is an 18 minute version on youtube – an EWTN episode of Journey Home. If you have time, view it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRpi1YgEvLM

If you would like to listen to a fuller 55 minute version (audio only) click on this link: http://www.ewtn.com/live/ewtnplayer/html5audio.asp?jh_01262009.mp3

On my desk I have a calendar with a daily reflection on our Lady’s life. Today’s quote has its own bearing on Sr Trinity’s life too: “Our Lady was full of God because she lived for God alone, yet she thought of herself only as the handmaid of the Lord. Let us do the same.” St Teresa of Calcutta.