16th January

Dad continued to recover today. I get the impression from the nurses that he is off the critical list, thank God.

Jesus BibleOne of the antiphons for Midmorning Prayer stated something central to our Christian faith: Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it.

How interested are we to discover the word of God in order to hear it and keep it? How important is it for us to read the Bible, study the Catechism, listen attentively at Mass to the readings and homily, be acquainted with the lives of the saints, look into media such as the EWTN satellite TV station or Catholic newspapers? Do we spend as much time deepening our knowledge of God’s truth as we do secular news?

If the prophet Jeremiah lived in modern times, he would answer all these questions in a resoundingly positive way. Something of his spirit is captured in today’s Morning Prayer reading: When your words came, I devoured them: your word was my delight and the joy of my heart; for I was called by your name, Lord, God of hosts. (Jer 15:16)