30th January

In the Creed we speak about the Holy Spirit as “the Lord, the giver of life”. We should have an ardent desire to receive in abundance from this giver of supernatural life. The hymn from today’s  Morning Prayer provides us with appropriate words. Read them slowly and make it your own personal petition.

Come, O Creator Spirit, come,holy spirit 8
And make within our hearts your home;
To us thy grace eternal give,
Who of your breathing move and live.
Our senses with your light inflame,
Our hearts to heavenly love reclaim;
Our bodies’ poor infirmity
With strength perpetual fortify.
Our earthly foe afar repel:
grant us henceforth in peace to dwell;
and so to us, with you for guide,
no ill shall come, no harm betide.
May we by you the Father learn,
And know the Son, and you discern,
Who are of both; and thus adore
In perfect faith for evermore.