10th February – St Scholasticia

I had my two weekly chemo clinic today. Blood results were perfectly normal across the board, praise the Lord!

holy spirit 7Today is the feast of St Scholastica (+547AD), the sister of Saint Benedict, the founder of western monasticism. Here is an excerpt from the Office of Readings, written by St Gregory the Great.

She had been consecrated to God from her earliest years. She was accustomed to visiting her brother once a year. He would come down to meet her at a place on the monastery property, not far outside the gate.

  One day she came as usual and her saintly brother went with some of his disciples; they spent the whole day praising God and talking of sacred things. As night fell they had supper together.

  Their spiritual conversation went on and the hour grew late. The holy nun said to her brother: “Please do not leave me tonight; let us go on until morning talking about the delights of the spiritual life…” So it came about that they stayed awake the whole night, engrossed in their conversation about the spiritual life.

On a practical note, we too need to learn about and nourish our sense of the spiritual life. One can subscribe to magazines such as THE SACRED HEART MESSENGER, ST MARTIN’S MAGAZINE, THE CURATES DIARY by looking them up on Google. Additionally newspapers such as THE CATHOLIC VOICE, THE IRISH CATHOLIC can be looked up online or ordered at your newsagent. Another great idea is to get YOUCAT online (like at AMAZON). This is the simplified youth version of THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Happy reading!