20th February

The main theme of the liturgy each week is given in the Opening Prayer for Sunday Mass. Abelieve-i-nJesus simplified version of this is also found in the Divine Office. This week’s prayer/theme is

Grant, almighty God,
that with our thoughts always on the things of the Spirit
  we may please you in all that we say and do.

It says that the inspiration of our life should be in keeping our eyes always on Christ, making him LORD of our life, referring all of our decision making to him.

The following excerpt from today’s Office of Readings expands on this.

Without board or lodging, [St Paul] travelled from place to place, destitute, naked, exhausted by hunger and thirst. When men saw him in captivity, flogged, shipwrecked, led about in chains, they could scarcely help thinking him a pitiable sight. Nevertheless, even while he suffered all this at the hands of men, he always looked toward the One who is his head and he asked: What can separate us from the love of Christ, which is in Jesus? Can affliction or distress? Can persecution, hunger, nakedness, danger or death? In other words, “What can force me to take my eyes from him who is my head and to turn them toward things that are contemptible [worldly]?”

He bids us follow his example: Seek the things that are above, he says, which is only another way of saying: “Keep your eyes on Christ.”


℟. See how the eyes of servants are fixed on the hands of their masters.* Our eyes, too, are fixed on the Lord our God, waiting for some sign of his mercy.

℣. I am the light of the world: he who follows me will not be walking in the dark; he will have the light of life.* Our eyes, too, are fixed on the Lord our God, waiting for some sign of his mercy.