24th February

I had another routine chemo clinic today. All GRAND! – esp my bloods.

An expression often heard is “quality of life”. If somebody has quality of life, especially in old age, everything is great. If they don’t, it’s the end of the world! This secular thinking taken to its logical conclusion leads to euthanasia where the sick and frail feel pressured into ending their lives.

The reading for today’s Evening Prayer (James 1:2-4) gives an entirely different view oncarry cross trials and sufferings – at least if we are willing to embrace “honours course” Christianity.

My brothers, you will always have your trials but, when they come, try to treat them as a happy privilege; you understand that your faith is only put to the test to make you patient, but patience too is to have its practical results so that you will become fully-developed, complete, with nothing missing. [Patience / endurance makes us super fit athletes for Christ and living the Gospel.]

The Concluding Prayer expresses a similar sentiment. I’ve bolded the relevant sentence.

Holy Father and Lord,
  you willed that Christ your Son
  should be the price of our salvation.
Give us grace so to live
  that through sharing his sufferings
  we may be strengthened by the power of his resurrection.
Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
  God for ever and ever.