25th February

Ferial Saturdays are usually devoted to Our Lady. This is an inspiration piece from the e-letter Journey to Our Lady by Carol Monaco.

The Best is Yet to Come

FatimaPictureHow often have we heard we are heading in the wrong direction? How many times have our instincts told us something is not quite right?

With each new year, we are given an opportunity to plot a new course in our lives. As we move forward—especially as we approach the 100th anniversary of the Marian apparitions in Fatima—let us rediscover our faith in God and find the fullness of life itself.

God has given us so many gifts and yet so many of us have yet to discover those gifts. Each one of us has God-given talents that are meant to be shared. True, those talents may not make us rich and famous, but those talents are not meant to be tossed away either. Each one of us is called to be a beacon of heavenly light in our own individual way.

Mary, our Blessed Mother, will help us and guide our light so that it always shines toward God. Among the many blessings God gave Our Lady was her loving and open heart. Throughout her entire life in this world, Mary used her blessing to share God’s love. Our Lady did so by saying yes to God’s call to bring Jesus into the world for our salvation.

Mary continues to share God’s love by reaching out to us through her apparitions. Our Lady calls on us to devote ourselves to her Immaculate Heart as a way to lead us to God. Mary teaches us how to love God as He should be loved—without hesitation and with full faith in His Word, His way and His

mercy. When God is in the center of our lives, nothing is impossible. Look at the three children of Fatima—Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta. Look at what was accomplished when these children, at Mary’s behest, offered themselves to God. Heeding Mary’s call to pray and make reparations for sins changed the course of history in 1917.

Mary’s message is just as timely today as it was 100 years ago—we must stop offending God because He is already too much offended. These offenses—and their dangers—come when we turn away from God and commit acts against God’s will. With these warnings also comes a clear message of hope and mercy. If we pray as Our Lady asks us, God will give us peace in our world.

Such peace will come as we experience an internal transformation when we allow God to be the center of our lives. With that internal peace, we can take part in God’s plan with a sense dignity, modesty, respect and value for all human life. Our beacons of light can cast out the darkness that is trying to take hold of our world and keep Heaven out of our sight.

We are called to live our faith in every aspect of our lives—not behind closed doors, which would be like hiding our light under a bushel. God certainly does not want us to bury His gifts. He wants His gifts to be shared for the good of all of His creation in order to keep our world connected to Heaven. God’s creation is meant to be renewed and restored, not torn apart.

Let us use these days ahead to live out God’s will and turn gloom to joy. Mary, the Cause of Our Joy, will show us the way and truly our best days will come.