5th March – 1st Sunday of Lent (A)

Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. I am grateful to God for all his sustaining grace I’ve received in the meantime. God is good!

Today the power went out at about 2pm and the electric people will be here at 7am tomorrow to replace the transformer. How did we ever get on without electricity in the past!!! I was able to have my evening tea thanks to the gas cooker where I boiled some water. I’m posting this blog thanks to my laptop’s battery power and my mobile phone that gives access to the internet.

jesusTemptationIn today’s gospel we had the temptations of Jesus in the desert. This is a reflection from catholicireland.net.

The gospel for the first Sunday of Lent is always the story of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. It is intended to make us think not only about Jesus and his struggle but to help us realise that the history of God’s people from Adam and Eve to the present day involves a similar story. The essence of the temptation of Jesus was the idea that he could go it alone, that he could be entirely self sufficient. Jesus resisted this because he recognised his complete dependence on the Father. He knew that he needed to be nourished by God’s word and that his true destiny lay in his seeking to do his Father’s will. When Satan succeeds in convincing us that we have it in our power to save ourselves then we are on the path to self destruction. Lent is a time for us to humbly take God’s hand and to walk the path of faith and love that leads to Easter.