19th March – 3rd Sunday in Lent (A)

woman at wellThere is so much to be spoken about in today’s gospel where  Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well. One point I raised in my homily is that all of us are meant as Christians to have a real personal encounter with Jesus in this life – not just in the next life at the Final Judgement. This should be a fundamental expectation of ours! Jesus came back from the dead and is truly alive in his Body, the Church. He is accessible through the gift of faith and more generally, the gifts of prayer, the sacraments, the Word, one another, the poor, nature, etc. When we truly encounter the Lord as did the Woman at the Well he gives us LIVING WATER; the HOLY SPIRIT; the Lord, the giver of Life. This in turn leads of conversion and transformation so that we can truly experience what it is to be ‘born again’.

Yesterday morning during breakfast I was reading in Catholic Voice an article by Deacon Nick Donnelly about why Catholics lose their faith. (It can be downloaded and read from this link https://1drv.ms/b/s!Alb1xoBeKkVogkjxpD7sG4JJ5_o- .) This section below is particularly relevant to our expectations of a faith encounter with Jesus.