20th March – Solemnity of St Joseph

Today we celebrate the solemnity of St Joseph – foster father of Jesus, spouse of Our Ladyst joseph worker and patron of the universal Church. The intercessions for Morning Prayer invite us to imitate St Joseph – his faith and cooperation with God’s plan for his life. Read them slowly and apply them to your life.

Whatever we do or say, let us do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Lord, hear us.

As Joseph believed what you had told him, and became the guardian of your only Son:

  so may we put our faith in you, and receive the fulfilment of your promise.

Lord, hear us.

Father, give us that faith which gives substance to our hopes,

  and make us certain of realities we do not see.

Lord, hear us.

Joseph took the child Jesus into his care, loving and accepting him as his own Son:

  may we accept all that God gives us, and care for those entrusted to us.

Lord, hear us.

You have given man authority over the work of your hands and invited him to share in your creation:

  help us to accept our responsibility by working for your glory and the good of all mankind.

Lord, hear us.