29th March

Last Saturday I attended a CATHOLIC ACTION conference in Letterkenny hosted by the Catholic Voice newspaper. Two points were particularly noteworthy.

pro-lifeA metaphor was given for the pro-life movement. We find ourselves on the bank of a river. There are masses of unwanted babies floating down the river. We try to rescue them but miss most of them. Eventually somebody should ask “Where are all of these unwanted babies coming from?” A party is sent upstream to investigate. What will be discovered is that all these unwanted babies are coming from the contraceptive mentality and breakdown in marriage which produces these babies outside of wedlock. To resolve this issue at source, we must work to restore a pro-child mentality. Secondly we must restore a sense of sacred about our sexuality so that it is confined to marriage, the only fit setting for the pro-creation and rearing of children. In short, be faithful to the Sixth Commandment which prohibits fornication and adultery.

We need to know our faith! When we don’t know our faith well, we tend to make decisions based on feelings and emotions that are largely influenced by the secular mass media. A key example was the 2015 gay marriage referendum. The fate of the Eight Amendment and the right to life of unwanted babies may be decided in a similar way. If we believe in Jesus as LORD of our lives and LIGHT of the world, then we should form our beliefs and make decisions based on his divine Truth. This comes down to us from the Word of God and through the teaching of the Church which he founded to continue his salvific mission. One of the best resources available today to understand our faith better is YOUCAT, the youth version of the CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. It is available online on AMAZON and from most larger Catholic bookshops like Dublin’s Veritas Store (01 878 8177) with a credit/debit card. When we prayerfully invoke the presence of God, time spent reading and reflecting on such material can rightfully be counted as prayer time, the lifting up of the mind and heart to God.